OK.  About mid-morning today my old flip phone rings and I have a nice conversation with an old friend.  Then comes lunch time and I’m ready to go find a restaurant and, of course, will take my phone with me.

But only if I can find the dadgummed thing.

I spend 30-45 minutes looking in every spot I can think of.  All over my little bedroom/office, under stacks of paper, under the covers on my bed, underneath the easy chair in the living room.  Even looked in the car though I had not been in it this morning.  The medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  Round and round I go.

No luck.

So I go to lunch feeling somewhat naked without the phone.  All the while I’m thinking of how I can get in touch with someone to ask them to call me so I can follow the sound of the phone ringing.

Then.  Just like that.  An epiphany.  A stroke of brilliance.  Suddenly I felt like the guy who thought up the hula hoop must have felt in that moment of divine intervention.

I spend hours each day on my computer.  I have more than 2,000 names in my address book.  EMAIL will save me.  So I quickily send out an alert to 20 friends across the state.  I wrote: “I have misplaced my phone here at the house and for the life of me, can’t find it.  So I am asking that you please help by calling my number.  334-787-0410.  Hopefully I will hear it ring and can find it.  The first one to call and help me find it will get a prize (to be determined at a later date.  Also to be considered will be the gender of the caller.”

Anxiously I hit “send” and wait.  In a few moments I hear the familiar ring and follow it to the dining room table (which is covered with stacks of papers and books) and lo and behold, there it is.


And I instantly think of the words of mama, and many other mamas, “Son, if it had been a snake, it would have bit you.”

Thanks so much to the school principal buddy who was the first to call.  As well as thanks to all the others who came to my rescue.

Long ago I learned that laughter is medicine for the soul, probably from grandpa Lee who loved a good story as well as the next fellow.  So what if you are the subject of the laugh?  Those who can not laugh at themselves, regardless their age, imagine themselves far too self-important to spend any time around.

(Editor’s note: this laugh came at an opportune time as my next stop today was at the dentist to get a jaw tooth pulled.)