Tuesday, August 4th was an interesting day for education in Alabama.  One of the ideas being floated then to solve the general fund budget shortfall was to switch revenues generated from use taxes from the education trust fund to the general fund.  This was projected to cost education $250 million.

State superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice sent out an alert that day to the education community about what was in the works and asked them to contact legislators.  Also that day the senate general fund committee approved this bill (SB30 sponsored by Pro Tem Del Marsh) with an 8-6 vote.

The warning from Bice did not go unheeded.  Legislators were bombarded with calls, emails and text messages.  I wrote about what was taking place.  Within 24 hours, this post had 13,107 views.  (Please don’t think that I am implying that this blog was the reason for the hue and cry.  I offer these numbers merely to show the level of interest this issue generated.)

As best can be determined at this point in the special session, SB30 is dead.  Thanks to one and all who made their voices heard.

And for goodness sake, let this be a lesson as to what can be accomplished when the education community and its supporters unite for a common cause.  We have been way too passive over the last few years as Montgomery has steadily chipped away at public schools and their support.