So here I am again after a short break to go to Winston-Salem, NC for the wedding of my only niece Saturday afternoon.  Now I don’t show up at many weddings.  In fact, I think my last was my son’s a number of years ago and before that, his sister’s.

This one was in a park with all the trimmings.  And the first bi-lingual ceremony I’ve ever attended.  (The groom’s parents only speak Spanish.)  The minister was assisted by the groom’s sister who repeated everything in Spanish.  Which I guess means they were actually married twice.  Is that a double-tied knot?

Rev. Nick Weston officiated.  Twenty-four years ago when my sister and brother-in-law lived in California, he christened my niece.  Now he lives in Chapel Hill, NC and was called into service to do her wedding.  More small world.  Nick’s father, Robert, began the Fairhope Unitarian Fellowship more than 50 years ago.  I will speak to that group on June 18.

Since I am not ordinarily much of a socializer, once the wedding was official I soon hit the road toward Montgomery and 490 miles later pulled in my drive at 1 a.m.  And this was after having the fun of a flat tire near Lavonia, GA.

So now back to the madness of my home state.


At the top of this page you will see a small PayPal icon.  I put this up a couple months ago at the suggestion of friends who know how much I travel in pursuit of learning more about Alabama public schools and the wonderful people who work in them.

If you would like to contribute to the “Let’s Keep Larry On The Road” campaign, bless you.  If you do not, bless you too.


Speaking of being on the road, I am delighted to be asked to speak to groups around the state about education.  This is always great fun because I hopefully help folks understand what is really going on in our public schools to counter the fully spun narrative put out by some politicians and those who are promoting pocketbook agendas instead of education agendas.

So if it falls your lot to come up with a program, keep me in mind.  And I come without need for electronic assistance such as Powerpoint.  So no one has to haul in any equipment.

334-787-0410  cell


At 1:30 on Monday, May 1, Montgomery Circuit Judge Roman Shaul will have a hearing on the Craig Pouncey law suit naming four state department of education employees and one member of the state board of education as defendants.

The defendants are hoping to have the case dismissed by claiming that their actions of last summer regarding a “smear sheet” against Pouncey were in the framework of their job of doing due diligence on state superintendent applicants and they therefore have immunity from legal action.
I have no clue as to how the judge will rule, or when he will. However, sources don’t think he will take too long.  If this moves forward I have long felt that the case has the potential of exposing some people and some groups who will not be pleased at all.  There is no doubt the state superintendent search process the state board of education conducted last summer was seriously flawed.  Testimony before a legislative committee by some involved has already made that very clear.

Stay tuned.  This may get very interesting soon.