Roanoke City, Covington County and Blount County are the latest school boards to pass resolutions calling for the repeal of the Alabama Accountability Act.  This brings the total to 20–with more on the way.

According to information from Scholarship Granting Organizations on file with the Alabama Department of Revenue, this legislation has now diverted $145 million from the Education Trust Fund.

Editor’s note: While SGOs show contributions of $145 million, they only show awarding $90 million in scholarships.  Where is the other $55 million?.

The pro rata share of this $145 million for Roanoke City is $260,000; for Covington it is $586,000 and for Blount, $1,800,000,

There are 722,000 students in Alabama public schools.  There are 194,000 (26.9 percent) in these 20 systems.  And 52.6 percent of all students in these systems are on free-reduced lounges

Even more impressive is that the collective legislative delegation for all 20 systems is 52 Representatives and 26 Senators.  For instance, Blount county has four Representatives (David Standridge, Randall Shedd, Corey Harbison and Wes Kitchens) and two Senators, Clay Scofield and Shay Shellnut)..

Since all politics is local, you can bet when a local school board calls for repeal of the accountability act, it gets the attention of local  legislators.  Resolutions direct the local superintendent to send a copy of the resolution to their legislative delegation.

Here are the other 17 school systems that have passed a resolution: Baldwin, Bibb, Butler, Geneva, Henry, Houston, Jefferson, Marion, Mobile, Montgomery, Randolph and Tallapoosa counties and Andalusia, Leeds, Opp, Russellville and Winfield city systems.

If your local school system is not on this list, ask them why.