When the legislature convenes in January 2019, about 25 percent of both the Senate and House members will be new.  This is nearly 40 new faces (though there will be some current House members moving to the Senate.)

This is a tremendous opportunity for education.  We need to tell our story to these new members and help them understand that legislation like the A-F school report cards and the Alabama Accountability Act are not at all beneficial to public schools.

As best I can count, there are already three new senators and nine house members who have no opposition in November and therefore, we know they will have a seat after the first of the year.  (Sometimes sorting through all the info as to who is running in November and who many have withdrawn is a challenge, so I make no guarantee that this info is 100 percent accurate.  But it’s my best shot.)

Here is my list….

Senate:  Gary Gudger defeated incumbent Republican Paul Bussman in the primary.  Senate district 4 includes portions or all of Cullman, Lawrence, Winston and Marion counties.,  garlangudger@me.com

House member Jack Williams in west Mobile County is moving into senate district 34 that was held by Rusty Glover, who ran for Lt. Governor.  JackWilliams55@iclolud.com

Republican Dan Roberts is replacing Slade Blackwell in senate district 15 that includes portions of Jefferson, Shelby and Talladega counties. robtel@bellsouth.net

House:  Tracy Estes is replacing Republican Mike Millican in house district 17 that has portions of Marion, Lamar and Winston counties.  jtracyestes@gmil.com

Republican Chip Brown will represent district 105 in south Mobile County.  This was represented by David Sessions, who is running for senate.  chip.brown@activeshooterdt.com

Shane Stringer will take the seat for district 102 in Mobile County that is now held by Jack Williams.  wstringercpd@aol.com

Coffee County’s district 91, now held by Barry Moore, will be represented by Rhett Marques.  RhettMarquesforstaterep@gmail.com

Jeff Sorrells is replacing Donnie Chesteen in district 87 in Geneva and Houston counties.  Chesteen will represent senate district 29 vacated by Harri Anne Smith.  jeffs@fnbhartford.com

District 6 (Madison and Limestone counties) will be presented by Republican Andy Whitt.  He replaces Phil Williams.  Whitt.andy@live.com

Ginny Shaver of Centre takes over district 39, held for many years by Richard Lindsay.  Genevashaver@gmail.com

Tashina Morris will represent district 77 in Montgomery County.  John Knight had this seat for years.  Tashinamorris1@yahoo.com

Scott Stadthagen won the campaign to replace Ed Henry in district 9 in Morgan County.  abell@tswcpa.com

(All email addresses were taken from candidate info on Secretary of State web site.  Hopefully they remain in operation.)

Please join me in emailing each of these new legislators and encouraging them to support public education.