Within a few weeks each public school in Alabama will receive a letter grade of A through F.  Why?

Because the legislature passed a law in 2012 saying that we would.  The system that is about to be used is flawed and then some.  It is using unreliable data in ways it was never intended to be used.

We have spent untold financial and human resources trying to develop a fair formula for the grading system.  I have yet to talk to an educator who believes what we are about to do has any value at all.

However, I have an idea.

Every legislator has public schools in their House or Senate district.  As soon as the scores are released to the public, let’s look at them legislative district by legislative district.

Let’s then develop a scoring system for each Representative or Senator based on the scores of their schools.  Then we’ll give each legislator a letter grade accordingly.  This will obviously be a reflection upon how well each member supports their local schools.

No doubt some legislators may object.  But seems that what is fair for the goose is fair for the gander.

I will start on this project as soon as the info is available.  After all, 2018 in an election year and voters need have as much info as they can before they go vote.