Please sign this petition.

The highest office in the land is that of CITIZEN.  In this county we are supposed to be equal.  This means democracy is not just the domain of the rich or powerful or wealthy (though it too often seems that it is).  We should all have an opportunity to express ourselves, to let our voices ring out.

To shout for justice when justice is due and to cry out when our voices are being ignored or muffled.

Our silence is the salve that those who do not have the best interests of the majority bathe themselves in.  They are smug in their conviction that the Almighty has anointed them with more wisdom than the masses.

So I simply ask that you join me in ultimately speaking out for the 740,000 students who attend our public schools.

The education community and those who care deeply about the well being and future of this state have watched in dismay for the last few days as the spectacle of selecting the leader of our state school system has played out.  I have gotten countless emails and phone calls, largely from educators, who are distraught and discouraged by what they’ve witnessed.  Last night someone with more than 40 years service to our schools told me that she felt her life’s work was under attack.

I, along with thousands of others, do not believe our state school board acted in the best interest of our state at this particular point in time, when they made their decision as to who should be our next state superintendent.  My feelings have nothing to do with someone’s personality or with any regional biases or any special philosophical leaning.  They are instead based on visits to dozens and dozens of classrooms in all corners of the state.  They are based on immediate needs I know about.

Today there are at least 20 school systems in Alabama that have severe financial and/or governance issues.  They don’t need help in six months or six years.  They need it now.

If your house is on fire you don’t need someone to tell you how to build a fire station.  Instead you need someone with a fire hose and lots and lots of water.

That is the reality we face in our public schools.

So join me and exercise your rights as a citizen office-holder.  Speak for our children.

Sign the petition.