The state department of education has released the timeline for the search for a new state superintendent.

All interested parties had to have applications in by March 23, 2018.

April 12, 2018–Ray and Associates, the search firm employed by ALSDE, will meet with the state board during their regularly scheduled board work session to explain the process.  This firm is currently checking resumes, contacting references and  processing background checks.

April 13, 2018–Search firm  meets with state school board to recommend a list of semifinalists based on board criteria and the firm’s research.  Board members will select finalists for interviews.

April 20, 2018–Finalists will be interviewed and the board will vote to select the new superintendent

Since many readers of this blog are interested in contacting members of the state board to express their thoughts about what we need in the way of a new superintendent, here are their email addresses:

District 1–Jackie Zeigler         

District 2–Betty Peters         

District 3–Stephanie Bell     

District 4–Yvette Richardson

District 5–Ella Bell                 

District 6–Cynthia McCarty 

District 7–Jeff Newman       

District 8–Mary Scott Hunter

Governor Kay Ivey, by virtue of her office, is chair of the state board and has a vote.  Her education liaison is Nick Moore.