In “normal” times any article written in December with the head line above would be referring to the Christmas season.  But these are not “normal” times in Alabama as we are only two days away from ending the complete and absolute madness masquerading as a special election for the U.S. Senate between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones.

I have watched in amazement as ever-more extreme charges have been hurled by both sides.  The fact that so many have been blanketed by references to morality or religion has been stunning.  The very narrow view of Christianity that Roy Moore preaches seems shameful to me.

Still, I have sworn that I would keep my comments to myself about this election.  Which worked until I got the letter yesterday from a friend of 50 years telling me I should vote for Moore since Jones “embraces the policies of Lenin and Stalin.”

He explained that he had never voted for Moore because his “views are narrow and shallow.”  But he would vote for him on Dec. 12 for the sole reason that he is running as a Republican.

That is pathetic.

Have we so abandoned our decency that honor, integrity, loyalty, tolerance, love and charity and so much more no longer mean anything?  Is this why so many thousands and thousands of Americans gave their lives?  To protect a country that has forgotten why it was created in the first place?

And as fate sometimes works, in the midst of my consternation I happened upon this video.

Its message is so much more powerful and meaningful than anything we have been exposed to in Moore vs. Jones.

A young musician stands erect in a bustling park in Nuremberg, Germany with his bass violin at ready.  A young girl approaches him and on her wooden instruments, plays the opening notes of “Ode To Joy” from Beethoven’s 9th symphony.  He responds and soon other musicians emerge from the crowd and the park is filled with sound.

As the camera pans the gathering crowd we see people of all ages and all nationalities.  Children are smiling and bouncing on the shoulders of proud fathers.  Voices of total strangers are united in a joyful moment of music.  There are no politics, no winners and losers, no one being shunned because of their religious beliefs.

It is a stunning moment.  It truly is a moment for this most glorious of seasons.

It is humanity in its finest hour.

Totally unlike this political season in Alabama.