Once again I have come face to face with new-fangled technology and as is always the case, tech won and I lost.

Due to the pandemic, face-to-face meetings are being replaced by virtual get togethers.  I’m told these may be done with Google Hangouts, Skype, Facetime or Zoom.  I “kinda sorta” did my first one this morning.  Actually I was just a fly on the wall as I could see the other participants, but they could not see or hear me.  (Which I doubt anyone complained about.)

I think there were eight folks, scattered from New Jersey to California and in between.  Someone from Mississippi said this was her 16th such meeting this week.

Obviously if someone is able to see you in front of your computer, there must be a camera involved.  I’m told that many computer monitors have a camera in them and you can spot a tiny hole somewhere on your screen.  I don’t think that  is the case with me and my contraption.

I don’t know how old my desk top computer is, but it works just fine and I know how to turn it on and off.  I do not have a lap top, nor do I want one since the keyboard is way too small for these old fingers.  (I mention this because lap tops seem more suited to zoom that what I have.)

Tyler Stuart here in Montgomery has been my computer expert for years.  He is competent, friendly, reasonable and tolerant of my shortcomings.  (He is from Georgiana down in Butler County and since my mother was a Stuart from the same neck of the woods, chances are that he and I are distantly related.  But I digress.)

I told Tyler what I needed and that his mission was to round up whatever equipment I needed, hook it all up, show me what to click and hand me a bill.  He said he would.  And told me I would need whatever a webcam is.

So someone is shipping me a webcam and I may soon be just as high tech as others I know.

However, just this afternoon a friend sent me an article about “zoom fatigue”  Seems that as with many things in this modern world, virtual meetings stress us in ways we are not used to.  Like we can’t pick up on body language of others in a meeting that often tip us off to how someone is actually responding to what they are hearing.  This apparently leads to anxiety, stress, our deodorant not working and in-grown toenails.

Which perhaps means that my resistance to zooming is well-founded.

But not being a kill joy, I’m putting my future in Tyler’s hands.