In the on-going saga about Governor Bentley appointing Matt Brown from Fairhope to serve on the state school board articles keep popping up like this one from and if you pay close attention, you come across some gems.

At the end of this article there are more than 100 comments.  Someone who goes by the pen name of Blackfoot Cat says this move by the governor is “like asking a preacher to run a topless bar!”

That is a classic and I will file it away.  (Of course at my age, that means I may remember it for about 24 hours.)

Having watched and played politics for more than 40 years, I have come to understand certain truths.  One is that ridicule kills any office holder.  When the public begins to discredit most of what you say or do, you are little more than a dead man walking.  You have lost your credibility and the end is in sight.

It is hard to see Matt Brown ever gaining credibility with the education community.  His strong stance against public education in the Baldwin County tax vote campaign is now too well known among superintendents, principals, teachers, etc.  He may say all the right words as he did in the interview with but few take them to heart.

The fact that he did not attend a meeting of all principals in Baldwin County on Thursday, after saying that he would, was a serious political misstep.  The governor appoints him, he talks about how he now wants to help public education–and then decided not to face nearly 50 principals in his home county.

Wonder what Blackfoot Cat would say about that.