Cody, NE bills itself as the “Town Too Tough To Die.”  And a hardy band of locals, plus school kids, keep working to see that it doesn’t.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am country through and through.  Have often said that country folks and country places are what interest me the most.

And someone looking for a rural location should feel at home in Cody, NE.  A community of just 150 people, it sits on state highway 20 just a stone’s throw from South Dakota.  It’s in Cherry County, which sprawls across 5,960 square miles.  (By comparison, Baldwin County is the largest in Alabama, yet Cherry County has almost four times as much land area.)  There are more square miles in the county than there are inhabitants.

In the late 1800’s Cody was more noted for gambling and making moonshine than anything else.  In fact, it is reported that a carload of sugar was used each week by local entrepreneurs and that “Cody Hooch” was asked for throughout the west.

Like all rural communities these days, Cody has its challenges.  One being a place to get groceries.  My friend Gary Funk, with the Rural Schools Cooperative, sent along this story and film to explain how this challenge was met.  It is inspiring for sure and I encourage you to take a look.