There is no telling how many hundreds of thousands of miles I have traveled on interstate highways across the country.  From Maine to Florida to Utah and a zillion points in between

But without a doubt, the segment I have covered most often is I-65.south of Montgomery.  I was on it Monday, June 14 coming back from Mobile where I attended a high school class reunion luncheon. Which is why when I saw this article on, my heart sank.

About 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 19 near Greenville, a wreck involving 18 vehicles took the lives of 10 people, most of them girls from the Girl’s Ranch in Tallapoosa County.  They were headed home from a trip to Gulf Shores  Most of them were students at Reeltown, where my good friend Joe Windle was once principal…

At best, life is too short.  Events like this make that all too clear.

Today Tallapoosa County is filled with broken hearts.  All we can too is offer our prayers for each and everyone of them..