The pandemic has created chaos with students–and those responsible for them, be they parents or teachers.  But as we know, some young people are resilient as heck and look for opportunity during even the most dire circumstances.

Add Charlotte Bowder, a student at Casco Bay High School in Maine, to this list.  She had the idea of writing a song that would celebrate community amid social isolation.  She recruited her friend Luthando Mngqibisa to sing co-lead, and with the help of the EL Education network, of which the school is part, recruited 34 other musicians–from high school string players to elementary schoolers on pots and pans–across 11 schools in seven states to play the song together virtually.

The resulting project,  “Make the World Better” is one of the most uplifting, professionally done pieces created during the pandemic  Give it a listen.  It will be the best four minutes of your day.