Last summer we told you about the brand new charter school opening in Livingston, that is closely alighned with the University of  West Alabama.  I have been to the school and am very impressed.  The fact that its leadership is home grown can not be over emphasized.  It is not run by some so-called education management organization that is basically a hired gun.

The relationship between the university and the school is also critical.  Experts on almost any subject may just be a couple of buildings away.

But what drew attention to this venture, that began in the fall of 2018, is the makeup of the study body.  The fact that it is basically 50-50 black and white students means it is unique in the Black Belt where white faces in public schools are a rarity.  Many have said it is the first integrated school in Sumter County, though I doubt that is factually correct.

However, there is no doubt that it is the most integrated school ever in the county.  Which is why it caught the attention of folks as far away as New York City.  Like folks who work for NBC News.

So recently a film crew showed up to document what is going on.  You can see the segment aired on the Today show, Saturday, Jan. 19 right here.

It is well done and paints a much more positive picture of Alabama than most of us have come to expect.