Today has brought more questions than answers about the search for a state superintendent.

This is the letter I wrote about earlier from Hugh Evans, III, Ethics Commission general counsel to Juliana Dean, general counsel for the state department of education.  The more I read it, the more befuddled I was.  I could not understand why the Ethics Commission would notify the state department of education IF they had received an anonymous complaint based on the “smear sheet” about Craig Pouncey given to state school board members on July 12.

It just did not make sense.

Until I received a call late this afternoon from someone suggesting that the letter from Evans was actually ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of having received something from the education department about the anonymous smear sheet.

In that context, the Evans’ letter makes perfect sense.

Which brings us to these questions.  a) Did someone at the state department of education first transmit info to the Ethics Commission?  b) if so, who was it?  3) who gave them the authority to do so?

Stay tuned.