Ben Sasse was elected to his second term as a U.S. Senator from Nebraska in 2020.  He is a Republican, but has drawn the ire of his party in his home state because he voted to convict Donald Trump after his last impeachment.

In fact, the state’s GOP state central committee formally passed a resolution stating that Sasse “stands rebuked.”

Sasse’s response: “Most Nebraskans don’t think politics should be about the weird worship of one dude.”

Sasse is no dummy.  A Nebraska native, he was educated at Harvard and received a doctorate from Yale  He worked for several years in President George W. Bush’s administration before becoming president of Midland University in Fremont, NE.. He resigned that position to run for senate in 2014.

Unlike some of his colleagues, Sasse does not seek headlines  Instead, he believes he was elected to work on policy–not be a fixture on Fox News.  And he certainly has the courage of his convictions as evidenced by his vote to convict Trump.. If some senators want to be a robot in support of the former President and talk out of both sides of their mouth. then so be it.  Sasse will not be joining them.

As to being afraid of Trump’s threats to get even with those who did not support him in the last impeachment effort, Sasse seems to care less.  One reason is he has looked at a lot of numbers and simply does not see a good reason to be bullied by Trump.  Both times he has run for Senate, he greatly outperformed Trump in Nebraska..

Last November Sasse got 68 percent of the general election vote whereas Trump got 58 percent on the same ballot.  He sees that Trump has lost the popular votes in both his runs for president and has never cracked 50 percent.  The Republican defeat on Jan 5 in the two Georgia senate races was especially telling.  Trump got very involved in both.  And lost each

Even with his independent streak, Sasse is well-thought of by many of his Republican senate mates..

Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who is retiring in 2022, thinks Sasse would be a great candidate for President.

Sasse does not mince words about some of the work of the senate or some of those who serve in Washington.  He is very concerned about the Biden Covid relief bill, saying it is “disastrous” for education.  He says he would help Republicans take the Senate back but he is looking for “candidates that want to do something more than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

(Greene is the freshman congressman from north George who was stripped of her committee assignments for promoting conspiracy theories and false information.)

Matt Gatz is a Republican congressman from the Florida panhandle.  Sasse’s opinion of Gatz, “He is not an adult.‘”

(I could not agree more on this assessment.  He is as worthless as a wet newspaper.  And like Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan, he seems fixated on sound bites for TV.)

I like Ben Sasse,  I respect him for his willingness to stand for his principles.   A trait that is far too uncommon these days.