It takes a cold hard heart to not melt at the sight of a beautiful, vivacious seven year old girl.  Especially when it is accompanied by a smile that fills the room with sunshine.

This is how I describe Liza Scott of the Birmingham area.  We often hear athletes describe one of their teammates as having “it.”  Its a presence, an aura, a self assurance.  While hard to describe, you know when someone has it.

Liza has it.

Unfortunately, she also has something else.  Three cerebral malformations that require surgery as quickly as possible.  Which is why she and her mother, Elisabeth, are heading to Boston’s Children’s Hospital for her first surgery.

I shared the story of Liza and her mother, Elizabeth Scott, from two days ago.

Their life has been a whirlwind since Liza’s condition was discovered Jan,.30.  Liza is now scheduled for her first surgery at Boston’s Children’s Hospital March 8.

Of course, there will be expenses involved.  Lots and lots of them.

Liza has a lemonade stand inside her mother’s bakery in downtown Homewood.  Some of the first media accounts of this made the point that she was selling lemonade to have the surgery.

There was immediate knee-jerk reaction from some who decried what was happening and how awful it was to live in a country where  such would occur.  But these are glass half empty folks (which I am sometimes myself.)

But to me, it is more a glass half full story.  A rather remarkable one.

Mother Elizabeth immediately took to social media to tell Liza’s story and appeal for help.  The story has been picked up by both local and national media.  And it has ricocheted around the globe.

Elizabeth’s goal was $75,000.  But as I write this at 7 p.m on March 3, 6,200 donors have contributed more than $316,000.  I have been involved in lots of fund-raising efforts and know that this is amazing.

If you would like to support Liza as I have done, go to this link.

We are constantly bombarded with bad news.  A pandemic.  An ice storm in Texas.  Forest fires in California.  An abundance of weak-kneed politicians who don’t have the integrity or principles to do what is right.

But this is a story of hope and human kindness..  A story of thousands of people coming to the aid of one seven-year old.