And the answer is……..(drum roll)……when a politician says it isn’t.

In a recent column in the Opelika-Auburn News, Speaker Mike Hubbard said, “several constituents have called and e-mailed inquiring as to why the Legislature diverted classroom dollars to help balance the General Fund budget.  The short and truthful answer is, we didn’t…….The Legislature did, in fact, approve a transfer of $80 million from the Education Trust Fund to the General Fund.”

He then goes on to try and explain that while they absolutely removed (which he says they did not do) $80 million from education, they made adjustments to the Rolling Reserve Act that should ultimately benefit our schools.

And politicians wonder why the public doesn’t believe them.

Here is another recent example of political doublespeak.  An article by a state senator proclaimed to one and all that we cannot continue to take money from our schools.  That we must support them till the cows come home.

However, he neglected to mention that he voted for the Alabama Accountability Act in 2013 that has now diverted more than $50 million from the Education Trust Fund, that he voted to amend this act in 2015 to increase the annual diversion from $25 million to $30 million and that he also voted this year for a charter school bill that soaks up education monies by creating a new bureaucracy to administer the act and will decrease available funding in local systems where charters locate.

Having run for public office and lost, I think I now know why.  I never learned to talk out of both sides of my mouth at the same time.