I freely acknowledge that much of today’s world is one I do not understand–or relate to.

Alexia does not sit on my coffee table waiting for me to issue a command.  My GPS is this big piece of paper that is sometimes hard to refold and has lots of lines on it and looks strangely like what we used to call a map.  My phone does not take pictures.

Consequently, I often refer to myself as a dirt road in a four-lane world.

And this was never more evident than when I read this article on AL.com.

It is the recap of a reality TV show called “The Bachelor.”  The only reason I read it is because I had heard that one of the female contestants was from Auburn.  She is Madison Prewett, whose father coaches Auburn basketball with Bruce Pearl.  Of course, I am interested in almost anything relating to Auburn.

The bachelor involved in this gruesome plot was Peter Weber.  Since I never saw an episode, my judgement of him is totally second-hand.  But I got the impression he was not a choir boy and even former basketball great Charles Barkley called him a “loser.”

Apparently the final episode of this show was two hours long.  It seemed to have more twists and turns than a back road going to Mt. Cheaha.  A contestant name of Hannah Ann played a significant role, as did Peter’s mother.

Ben Flanagan, a reporter for AL.com was tasked with writing up the narrative for what took place.  As best I can tell he did a fine job.  And certainly should be given a bonus for enduring all of this.

I have friends who profess to watching this show religiously.  Lord have mercy on their souls.

For me, I’ll stick to the Gunsmoke reruns on the ISPN channel.