As discussed here many times, on March 3 voters will vote YES or NO on going from an elected state school board to one appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate.  A YES vote will mean you lose your right to vote, a NO vote means you will keep it.  Legislation calling for this constitutional amendment was passed in our last regular session last spring.

Republican Del Marsh is senate majority leader.  Since his party holds a supermajority in this body, he has considerable influence.  This is reflected by the fact that the vote in the senate was 30-0.   All but two of the 27 Republican members voted to take away your right to vote  (Jimmy Holley and Tom Whatley did not vote.).  And five of the eight Democrats in the senate voted with Marsh.  (Priscilla Dunn, Malika Sanders-Fortier and Rodger Smitherman did not vote.)

Listed below are these 30 senators, along with the best email address I have for each.

If you do not want to give up your right to vote, write these senators and ask them why they voted for this amendment.

Greg  Albritton—R                               Gerald Allen–R                      

Will Barfoot—R                                    Billy Beasley–D     

David Burkette—D                              Tom Butler–R      

Clyde Chambliss—R                           Donnie Chesteen–R

Linda Coleman-Madison—D               Vivian Figures–D

Chris Elliott—R                                    Garlan Gudger–R 

Sam Givhan—R                                   Andrew Jones–R            

Steve Livingston—R                           Del Marsh–R                   

Jim McClendon—R                             Tim Melson–R           

Arthur Orr—R                                     Randy Price–R              

Greg Reed—R                                    Dan Roberts–R

David Sessions—R                            Clay Scofield–R                

Bobby Singleton—D                          Shay Shelnutt–R          

Larry Stutts—R                                  Jabo Waggoner–R               

Cam Ward—R                                    Jack Williams–R