Our last post went into detail as to where the Alabama Federation for Children has gotten $450,000 to spend on legislative and state school board elections since early 2014.

Groups such as this are commonly referred to as “astroturf” in the political world.  The reason being that they want the public to think they are a “grassroots” organization while they are anything but.  In this case, they are merely the “front” for out-of-state billionaires trying to buy influence in Alabama..

Let’s take a look at who AFC gave contributions to in the 2014 election cycle:


Incumbent Republican Jimmy Holey got $29,400.

Newcomer Republican Tim Melson received $23,397.

Newcomer Republican Steve Livingston got $21,456

Incumbent Republican Pro Tem Del Marsh got $15,495.

Incumbent Republicans Bill Holtzclaw, Cam Ward, Slade Blackwell, Jabo Waggoner, Rusty Glover and Bill Hightower received $2,000 each.

Newcomer Republican Larry Stutts got $1,000 after he defeated incumbent Roger Bedford in the 2014 general election.


Incumbent Republican Mac Buttram received $33,057.  He lost in the primary.

Incumbent Republican Jim Patterson got $15,929.

Incumbent Republican Becky Nordgren got $15,587.

Incumbent Republican Mark Tuggle received $14,816.

Incumbent Republican Terri Collins received $12,747.

Newcomer Republican Tommy Hanes brought in $12,617.

Challenger Republican Steve Dean got $12,297.  He lost.

Incumbent Republican Alan Boothe got $11,949.

Incumbent Republican Lynn Greer received $10,522.

Republican Speaker Mike Hubbard got $10,291.

Incumbent Republican Richard Baugh got $9,768.  He lost.

Newcomer Republican Nathaniel Ledbetter got $9,441.

Newcomer Republican Bob Fincher received $9,062.

Incumbent Republican Kurt Wallace got $2,926.  He lost.

Incumbent Republicans Ed Henry and Mike Holmes got $1,000.  Newcomer Republicans Doug Sherrod, Arnold Mooney, David Faulkner, Darius Foster, Matt Fridy and Chris Pringle also got $1,000 each.  Sherrod and Foster lost.

Earlier this year newcomer Republican Chis Blackshear ran for a vacant seat and received $2,000.

State School Board

Republican Barry Sadler challenged incumbent Betty Peters in the 2014 primary and got $53,031 from AFC.  He lost.  Incumbent Republican Mary Scott Hunter and newcomer Republican Cynthia McCarty ran in 2014 and got $1,500 each.  Earlier this year, incumbent Matt Brown got $49,522 for his primary and runoff.  He lost.  Challenger Justin Barkley ran against incumbent Stephanie Bell and got $24,936.

It is noteworthy that AFC did not support any Democrats.  Of the 11 senators now in office they supported in 2014, nine of them voted to amend the Alabama Accountability Act in 2015 to divert more money from the Education Trust Fund to scholarships for private schools.  There are now 16 House members who were supported by AFC in 2014.  Of these, 15 voted for the accountability act amendment last year.