Like you, I get tons of email (and I send tons as well).  I try my best to “screen” it.  Like the notes from a foreign country saying their great-grandfather was the prime minister of such and such and if I respond I will be fabulously wealthy.  Those get deleted quickly.

There are some that catch us by surprise.  And leave us scratching our head.

Like this one that showed up earlier tonight.

Entitled “Del’s Secret Survey,” it purports to reveal an effort by senate majority leader Del.Marsh to pressure senators to commit (secretly) to support him on various education issues, such as: reforming tenure, expanding school choice, reorganizing the state department of education, a teacher pay raise and increasing the use of technology.

Does March really have a “secret survey?”  While I don’t know for sure, very reliable sources say he does.

But what is most interesting is that someone went to the effort to put this info together.  Someone who is obviously not a fan of Marsh’s past efforts at reforming education with the Alabama Accountability Act, charter schools, Amendment One, etc.

Last year Marsh got a 30-0 vote on Amendment One in the senate.  This number included 25 Republicans and five Democrats.  As we know, on March 3rd Amendment One went up in flames.  Like in the towering inferno.  Which means that 29 senators followed Del March right off the cliff.  And now their names are forever listed as senators who voted to take the vote away from Alabama citizens.

This may well be the first rather open signal that Marsh’s hold on the senate is coming undone.