Montgomery will elect a new mayor on Oct. 8.  The field has been narrowed to two candidates, Steven Reed and David Woods.

I have seen TV ads for Reed saying he will give teachers a raise.  Today I got a flyer from Woods that proclaims. “Education is the key to a bright future.  David will direct more dollars to classrooms, crack down on the education bureaucracy and prioritize real learning over testing.”

Nether Reed or Woods say how they will do this.  Which, of course, they can’t since the mayor has no direct control over the school system.

Yet, they obviously think I am so dumb that I will believe they can.

They are not the first politicians who make such stupid statements.  Nor will they be the last.  Still, I am insulted every time it happens

I have never claimed to be the sharpest pencil in the pack.  But I ain’t this dumb either.

And chances are good that I will not vote on Tuesday.  Which is a rarity for certain.  But I value my vote and see no point in this case of wasting it on candidates who are clearly clueless when it comes to knowing how our school system works.