William Oberndorf is a hedge fund manager in California apparently with LOTS of money.  Enough that he sent $100,000 to Alabama in 2014 and $85,000 in 2018 to be used to support political candidates.  He does this by giving to something called “The Alabama Federation for Children.”

I have written about this group before.  As best I can determine, they are a “federation” in name only.  For example, if they have a board of directors I can’t find them.  They do have web site which makes it clear they strongly support the Alabama Accountability Act, school choice, vouchers, etc.  We know they are affiliated with the American Federation for Children which was created by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.  (Which tells you about all you really know.)

They obviously have a good relationship with Oberndorf since he is their only contributor for the 2018 election cycle.  Though the Californian is a staunch Republican and has given more than $1 million to the California Republican Party, he did not support Donald Trump for President and told the New York Times he planned to vote for Hillary Clinton.

According to Secretary of State figures, here is who has benefited from the Oberndorf money (listed in order of how much they received.)

  1. Republican Debby Wood, running to replace Issac Whorton in House Distrct 38 in east Alabama.  $19,792
  2. Andrew Sorrell, Republican, running for House District 3 in northwest Alabama.  $15,404
  3. Incumbent Republican House member Mike Ball, District 10.  $8,452
  4. Republican Bull Corry challenging incumbent Tim Wadsworth in House District 14.  He lost.  $8,400
  5. Republican Pouncey Robertson in House District 7, an open seat.  $8,134
  6. Ginny Shaver is a Republican who won House District 39.  AFC spent $8,012 to oppose her.  She defeated T. J. Malony in the primary.
  7. Incumbent Terry Collins, House District 8.  $7,782
  8. Republican challenger Ted Crockett ran against incumbent Dickie Drake in House District  45.  AFC spent $7,702 opposing him.  Drake won.
  9. Incumbent Demitri Polizos, House District 74.  $7,000
  10. New comer Republican Shane Stringer in House District 102.  $6,158
  11. Democrat Jelani Coleman ran against incumbent Prince Chestnut in House District 67.  $6,019  Chestnut won.
  12. Republican Tom Fredricks ran against Parker Moore in the primary in House District 4..  AFC spent $4,044 opposing him.  Moore won.