OK.  So we have come to expect politicians and wanna-be politicians to say dumb things.  We get bombarded by such every day on cable news.

We can now add Tommy Tuberville to the list.  As you know, Tuberville defeated Jeff Sessions in the July 14 runoff and will face incumbent Democrat Doug Jones for a U.S Senate seat in November.  With the real campaign now about to start, Tuberville will be questioned much more by the press.

Along these lines, he was asked after defeating Sessions what he thinks about protests we’ve seen the last few months.  Here is what he said:

“This country was built on peaceful protests. We made a lot of progress in this country by protesting for women’s rights to vote, those kind of things. Nothing gets settled by people going out and taking the law into their own hands.”

Has he never heard of the American revolution?  This was the years-long war that took place between the brand new continental army and the British after we declared our independence.  It began in April 1775 and ended in September 1783.  Estimates are that from 25,000 to 70,000 Americans lost their lives while on active duty

If this wasn’t a protest what in the heck was it?  Tuberville should visit the Revolutionary War Cemetery in Salem, NY where at least 100 veterans who were killed in this war are buried..  I’m thinking that each of them didn’t think they died in a peaceful protest.

And this guy wants to be a U.S. Senator?  One thing is certain, he sure can’t be a history teacher.