Wisconsin’s presidential primary election has long been scheduled for Tuesday, April 7.  Then the world was turned upside down by the virus pandemic.

And in Wisconsin, all hell broke loose as the Democrat Governor, Tony Evers, and the Republican-controlled legislature battled as to whether or not the April 7 election should move forward.

Earlier today (April 6), Evers issued an executive order delaying the primary until June 9.  Republican legislative leaders said they would immediately ask the state supreme court to block his order.

“I cannot in good conscience allow any types of gathering that would further the spread of this disease and to put more lives at risk,”  said the governor.  For a more complete look at this situation, go here.

This is insanity.  Plain and simple.  When every public health official in the country is shouting from the rooftops for people to stay isolated, how do you try to engineer something that does just the opposite?

It would be just as insane were the governor a Republican and the legislature controlled by Democrats.

More than ever before in my 77 years, we should truly heed the admonition to be “my brother’s keeper.”  That includes Republicans, Democrats, Whigs, Tories and everyone in between.