After a two-year battle that seemed to have more lives than a houseful of cats, the state charter school commission voted today (June 9) to revoke the charter granted in 2018 to Woodland Prep charter school in Washington County.

How many articles have I written about this?  At least 50.  And to be honest, I got to the point where I began to doubt that I would ever have the chance to write a headline like the one above.

In the end, it was as much a story about a very rural community that simply refused to quit fighting and standing up for what it believed in strongly.  It was about a community that takes pride in its public schools and refused to be bulldozed by a group of education “experts” from out-of-state who were far more intent on making money than helping children.

It was about doing what is right and honest and not falling victim to those who would twist the truth to suit their own purposes.  And at this especially troublesome time when good intentions seem thrown to the wind, this action sends a message all of Alabama can take heart in.  An action that awards steadfast faith and gives more meaning to what good neighbors are supposed to represent.

No doubt there are right now many smiles in Washington County, but equally as important are all the prayers of thanks that steadfast conviction and loyalty to one another will be rewarded.