From time to time I mention my friend Hope Zeanah, who is assistant superintendent for the Baldwin County school system.  She lives with her daughter and two grandchildren (Graysen and Sully) on Fish River.  Like so many down there, they were hammered by Hurricane Sally.

Their house is elevated about 13 feet above ground level.  In spite of this, they still got three feet of water in the house.  They have been working fervently ever since to dry things out.

Thankfully, Hope has managed to keep her sanity.  So much so that she just sent me the following email:

Top 10 Things Hope Learned During Hurricane Sally 

#10  What was once an irritating sound (the generator) is now a    peaceful hum that provides you coffee in the morning and charges your cell phone during the day. 

#9    If you drop the F-bomb – in front of your grandchildren – when a tree slams into your house – just apologize.  They will forgive you plus they had already heard it on the bus. 

#8    A chainsaw is an inanimate object that must be cursed before it will crank. 

#7    Ants are your enemy! 

#6    It is O.K. to cry when you see another named storm in the Gulf – but only for 5 minutes – any longer and you could get dehydrated.  

#5    My grandson was right all these years – swimming IS as good as taking a bath. 

#4    Don’t wait until you get a blister before you wear gloves. 

#3    A man who smells like gasoline CAN be sexy – IF he is also holding a 5 gallon can of gas for YOUR generator.  

#2  BioFreeze is my preferred perfume these days. 

And the # 1 thing Hope has learned during Hurricane Sally is….. 

A friend with a chainsaw is a friend for life……….