A couple of days ago I posted about a new film by Brian Malone of Colorado, Education, Inc that looks at what is going on today across the country in regards to such things as vouchers, charters schools and assorted other magic potions being promoted by huge foundations and their wealthy supporters.

This movie peels back the cover on “corporate ed reform” and how enormous sums of money are being spent on local school board elections so that decisions are made by folks who believe in privatizing more and more of the dollars devoted to public education.  (The three largest campaign donations in the 2014 Alabama election cycle came from out-of-state millionaires to fund an anti-public school group.)

I also told you that I was ordering 100 copies of the DVD and to let me know if you would like one.

And you did.  In spades.

Within 24 hours I had more requests than I could fill.  They came from 38 counties, from nine school superintendents, from a bunch of principals, from deans of schools of education, associations and more.  Person after person said they wanted to show this to their club, to their retirees group, to their neighbors, at education workshops, etc.

Thanks to all who responded.  This kind of interest is a great sign that concerned citizens are ready to tell folks that school children in Alabama should not go to the highest bidder.

For more about the movie, go here.