We can all be forgiven for thinking the world has truly gone to Hell since we are constantly bombarded by news of murders and mass shootings and politicians wasting our tax dollars, etc.  The drumbeat is unending.

But then we learn about a restaurant in Brewton, AL with the unlikely name of Drexell & Honeybees’ where patrons can eat for free, or pay whatever they wish, and a smile comes to our face  Suddenly our day is a wee brighter and our faith in our fellow man is restored, at least for a little while.

The restaurant is the idea of Lisa Thomas-McMillan and her husband, Freddie.  Both are retired.  They opened the restaurant in March 2018.  Those who wish to pay for their meal simply drop some money in a box.

Several years ago Lisa worked in the dining hall at the local community college.  One day some senior citizens showed up who were hungry, but had little money.  That planted the seed that is now Drexell & Honeybee’s.

Do yourself a favor and click the link above to read more.

As for me, I will definitely seek out this establishment on some of my travels.