Have to share an email from a superintendent friend.

Last Tuesday (last scheduled day of the special session) we took 135 students, eight teachers, three counselors and
myself to view the legislators in session and to tour the Capital.  There were three senior Government and Economics classes and a 7th grade Civics class from middle school.  They were able  to view the House in session, but the Senate had adjourned at 8:30 that morning. 

Typical  arguments on-going over SB 24, house members walking around, Speaker beating his gavel to get order, and no one seemingly  paying any attention to what was being debated.

Observation by a senior government student–“If we acted that way  in class it would be an automatic three days in school suspension”.

Question to the tour guide from a 7th grade civics student—-“Are they actors or is this real”?

Wonder what the tour guide told the student.