There were four candidates for the state school board District One on March 1.  Matt Brown, incumbent, and challengers Adam Bourne, Carl Myrick and Jackie Zeigler.  Zeigler got 33,591 (36%) and Brown got 24,480 (27%).  Bourne finished third (21,244) and Myrick fourth (12,865).

Now Zeigler has picked up the support of both Bourne and Myrick for the April 12 runoff election.

Bourne posted this statement on his Facebook page:

“People have asked me who I intend to support in the runoff for State Board of Education. I am voting for my friend Jackie Zeigler. During the primary, I had the opportunity to talk with Jackie a great deal. She is a smart and classy lady and she will do a great job on the State Board of Education. She is best positioned to support common sense policies and to stand up for teachers. I hope you will help me help her in this upcoming election.”

And here is what Myrick told me in an email:

“Jackie and I became good friends throughout the election process as we attended many of the same events and saw each other frequently.  Jackie and I have the same basic goals for education and similar approaches as to how to achieve success in our schools moving forward.  As a former educator myself, I stand with Jackie Ziegler in the runoff election because she has been involved in education and is the only viable candidate for our public schools.”

This district includes all of Baldwin, Escambia, Conecuh, Covington, Crenshaw and Butler counties and a major portion of Mobile County. Of the 91,180 votes cast on March 1, 85% came from Mobile and Baldwin counties.  The fact that Zeigler was the top vote-getter in both these counties, with Brown running second in Baldwin and third in Mobile, bodes well for the retired school principal in the runoff.